• Teri “Lyric” Green

    Teri “Lyric” Green (born December 30th, 1981) is an American poet, Hip Hop/spoken word writer, songwriter, singer, computer engineer, and philanthropist. Green, born

    Teri Lyric Green

    in Chicago Ridge, Illinois, was an orphan and spent her childhood and adolescent years in the Jane Adams Hull House, until receiving her emancipation at the age of 21. Although Teri dealt with much hardship throughout the years, she has maintained her fervor and drive. Teri attended Simeon Career Academy, where she gained an education and received her diploma in Commercial Arts. Afterwards, Teri secured her studies at Westwood College, where she earned a dual bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. She attributes the line, “It’s not where you come from, but where you decide to go,” to her motivated character.


    While working on her education, Teri received an internship opportunity at the “World’s Greatest Newspaper” (WGN-TV) channel in Chicago. After completing her studies, Teri received employment as the “Assistant Chief Engineer” at WLEY 107.9 FM in downtown Chicago and found employment at WCIU as a computer engineer. Currently, Teri is working as the “Chief Executive Officer” of Julian Technologies, LLC. A company that specializes in computer repair and advanced computer technical support.


    Although Teri has a wealth of interests and talents, her passion lies with composing works of poetry and songs. With almost twenty years of writing experience, Teri has received numerous achievements and accolades for her works in poetry, songwriting, and music. Teri has a distinguished style of delivery with spoken word. Integrating emotion with testament to attribute to her past and overcoming, as well as inspiring her audience, Teri’s spoken word is unequivocal and honest, sure to change the hearts of audiences everywhere.

    Teri Lyric Green PoetryTeri has earned a name for her brand and solidified her artistry by performing in several notable showcases and competitions including, Tyler Perry’s “Color Girl” competition in Chicago, IL. Teri also performed at the Harold Washington Cultural Center, “The Checkerboard,” “Klub Karma,” and many other distinguished venues. Teri also won in an international songwriting competition “Show Me the Music, ’10;” Later receiving nominations for “Song of the Year” with the “Underground Music Awards ‘11″ in NYC, a nomination with “Music In Media Awards” in Hollywood, CA and the “Music City Awards” in Nashville, TN.


    Recently, Green was chosen as one of the finalists for the Coors Light Sponsored competition, “Looking for the Coldest MC.” Afterwards, she received attention and promotion for her song, “Cold as Ice,” which went on to receive digital downloads of over 22,500 times. Green also earned a digital distribution deal with “Klassick Kliq” Records, a renowned indie Hip Hop and R&B label located in Las Vegas, NV. Although Teri experienced tumultuous beginnings, she is undoubtedly making her mark in the industry as a respected performer and talented artist.

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    Yea!! Teri Green, you go girl.  I look forward to seeing you live next month!  Teri Green is definitely an inspiration to all thriving young women out there!

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    Teri “Lyric” Green is definitely my favorite singer right now. You can tell that she sings from the heart and uses poetry to deliver her message.  Please don’t stop singing!

    Charise Taylor
    Solutions Arena